​​​​​July 8-9, 2017        Sat-Sun             Cascade Nursery Trail Midsummer Madness Plant Sale, 10am to                                                    5pm at all 6 nurseries, www.cascadenurserytrail.com for map                                                    and more information 

July 9, 2017          Sunday               HPSO - Clark Co presents "Art in the Garden" Held at                                                                   Naturescaping's Wildlife Botanical Garden, 11000 NE 149th,                                                           Brush Prairie, WA - 10am to 4pm, free event

July 11, 2017             Tuesday                    SHPS potluck in the garden - see newsletter for time and location

July 11-13, 2017        Tues-Thurs               International Master Gardeners Trade Show, 2-5:30pm at the Oregon                                                                              Convention Center, 777 NE Martin Luther King Jr Blvd, Portland, Free                                                                            to public 

July 19, 2017             Wed                          Tour the Pringle Creek Greenhouse, 3911 Village Center Drive SE, Salem,                                                                      3pm to 4pm, see summer veggies

July 21-23, 2017    Fri-Sun               Salem Art Fair and Plant Sale, Bush's Pasture Park        

​July 22, 2017         Saturday            Heronswood Summer Sale, 10am to 3pm, 7530 NE 288th,                                                              Kingston WA

July 29, 2017        Saturday            Summer Fruit Tree Grafting Workshop, 10am to 11:30am,                                                              demonstration garden, 3180 Center ST NE, Bring a sharp pocket                                                    knife, take home bud wood

​August 19, 2017    Saturday            Cascade Nursery Trail Jewel Box Plant Sale, 9am to 3pm at                                                          Sebright's, 7185 Lakeside Dr NE, Salem OR, wine tasting and                                                        food available as well

August 25-27        Fri-Sun               Field Trip: Wildwood retreat at Mt Hood. Join Straub                                                                     Environmental Center educators and Native Plant Society WV                                                       Chapter members for a weekend adventure near Mt Hood.                                                           More information contact Kourtney at 503-779-5227 or email                                                       kourtney@straubenvironmentalcenter.org

Sept 9, 2017          Saturday            SHPS Fall plant sale - Sebrights Nursery, 9am to 3pm

Sept 16, 2017        Saturday            Heronswood Fall Plant Sale, 10am to 3pm, 7530 NE 288th,                                                              Kingston WA

Sept 23-24, 2017   Sat-Sun              Cascade Nursery Trail Colors of Fall Festival, 10am to 5pm at all                                                    6 nurseries on the trail, www.cascadenurserytrail.com for                                                          map and more information

Sept 26, 2017        Tuesday             Marion Co Master Gardeners, Dave Doolittle, Petal Heads                                                              Nursery will talk about Helebores, 7pm, Salem Library,                                                                Anderson Room, free and open to the public

October 4, 2017     Wed                  Tour the Pringle Creek Greenhouse, 3911 Village Center Dr SE,                                                      Salem, see veggies for fall and winter seasons

October 24, 2017   Tuesday             Marion Co Master Gardeners, Owen Dell, Architect and Author                                                      will talk about Landscape Design, 7pm, Salem Library, free and                                                    open to the public

Nov 14, 2017         Tuesday             Marion Co Master Gardeners, Amy Garrett from OSU Small                                                            Farms Program will talk about dry land gardening, 7pm, Salem                                                    Library, Anderson Room, Free and open to the public

Garden Courtesy

One of the most enjoyable and inspiring elements of belonging to SHPS is the open gardens. You can experience first-hand the trials, triumphs and wonderful serendipitous events that transpire in the garden. Because the gardener is opening up a personal space and sharing it with members, we need to be aware of some common sense courtesies. Please do not take cuttings, seeds, plants  or cut flowers without the permission of the owner. Stay on the paths and, if wondering about the name of a plant, please ask and do not wander into the beds. (A great way to find out the name of a plant is to take a photo with your smart phone. When the garden host is located, you can easily ask the name of that particular plant.) Please keep children under your watchful eye. Something else to consider: although your pet may behave perfectly well, the pets of the garden host/hostess may react to your pet and cause a disturbance, so maybe leave your pet at home. Finally, don't forget to express your gratitude to your fellow gardener who has shared their little piece of heaven with you.                                                                        Leonard Foltz

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