​​​​​​​February 23-26,      Thurs-Sun           Portland Home and Garden Show - Expo Center 

February 25, 2017    Saturday            Pruning Hybrid Tea and Shrub Roses - Marion Co Master                                                              Gardeners Demonstration Garden, 3180 Center ST NE, 9:30am                                                        to 11:30am, bring a heavy coat and gloves if you wish to                                                            prune, free and open to the public

February 28, 2017    Tuesday             Marion Co Master Gardeners - James Cassidy "All About                                                              Soils", Salem Public Library, Anderson Room, 7pm, free to                                                            public

March 3, 2017         Friday                Plant Nerd Night - Lake Bible Church, 4565 Carman Dr, Lake                                                          Oswego, OR 97035, doors open at 6pm, program begins at                                                            7pm and runs until 9pm, free, open to the public, plants for                                                        sale before and after the program 

March 4, 2017         Saturday            Pruning Blueberries - Marion Co Master Gardeners                                                                      Demonstration Garden, 3180 Center ST NE, 1pm to 3pm, bring                                                        your own gloves and pruners, free and open to the public                

March 7, 2017         Tuesday             SHPS Monthly meeting - 7pm at Mission Mill Dye House, 1313                                                      Mill ST SE, Salem OR, John Andreson from Iseli Nursery with                                                        French Prairie Nursery bringing plants for sale

March 11, 2017      Saturday              Pruning Hybrid Tea and Shrub Roses - Marion Co Master                                                              Gardeners Demonstration Garden, 3180 Center ST NE, 9:30am                                                        to 11:30am, bring heavy coat and gloves if you would like to                                                        prune, free and open to the public

March 14, 2017      Tuesday              'Building Our Garden" with Burl Mostul, Willamette Valley                                                              Hardy Plant Group, 7pm, Campbell Community Center, 155                                                            High ST, Eugene, OR, admission is $5 for non-members and                                                          $20 for yearly membership, ample parking at lot on the                                                              corner of 2nd and High

March 18, 2017      Saturday             Dividing Hostas - Marion Co Master Gardeners Demonstration                                                      Garden, 3180 Center ST NE, 10am to noon, free and open to                                                          the public

March 19, 2017    Sunday                  "The Gardens of the Cornish Colony" with Bill Noble, 2pm,                                                             Willamette Heritage Center Center Dye House, 1313 Mill ST                                                           SE, Salem, $10 per ticket, contact 503-838-0527, Lord and                                                             Shriver Conservancy Speaker  

March 25, 2017     Saturday              Fruit Tree Grafting and Scion Exchange - Marion Co Master                                                          Gardeners Demonstration Garden, 3180 Center ST NE, 9am to                                                        11am, OSU Master Gardeners will teach grafting, root stock                                                          for sale $5 each, many kinds of scion wood, tools provided,                                                        free and open to the public

March 30, 2017      Thursday             "Ancient Places - People and Llandscapes in the Emerging                                                          NW", Jack Nisbet will give a talk at the Eco Hub, 1313 Mill ST                                                        SE, Salem OR at the Willamette Heritage Center, free and open                                                      to the public, talk is from 6pm to 7pm

April 1, 2017          Saturday             Gardenpalooza, Aurora OR, 8am

April 1, 2017          Saturday             Heronswood Early Spring Sale, Kingston WA

April 4, 2017          Tuesday              SHPS monthly meeting, 7pm, Mission Mill Dye House, 1313 Mill                                                      St SE, Salem, Mark Leichty from Little Prince of Oregon will be                                                      our speaker

April 15-16, 2017    Sat-Sun              Hortlandia 2017, Portland Expo Center, HPSO spring plant sale

May 2, 2017           Tuesday             SHPS Monthly meeting, 7pm, Mission Mill Dye House, 1313 Mill                                                       St SE, Salem, Lucille Whitman will be our speaker 

May 5-6, 2017        Friday-Saturday   Marion Co Master Gardeners Spring Sale, Oregon State                                                               Fairgrounds Columbia Hall - red gate, free parking and                                                               entrance, Friday 10-7, Saturday 9-5

June 23-25, 2017    Friday-Sunday    Flourish, Plant Study Weekend, Victoria, Canada

                                                   Registration begins 2-1-17

July 21-23, 2017     Friday-Sunday    Friends of Bush Gardens plant sale

 Sept 9, 2017         Saturday            SHPS Fall plant sale - Sebrights Nursery, 9am to 3pm

Garden Courtesy

One of the most enjoyable and inspiring elements of belonging to SHPS is the open gardens. You can experience first-hand the trials, triumphs and wonderful serendipitous events that transpire in the garden. Because the gardener is opening up a personal space and sharing it with members, we need to be aware of some common sense courtesies. Please do not take cuttings, seeds, plants  or cut flowers without the permission of the owner. Stay on the paths and, if wondering about the name of a plant, please ask and do not wander into the beds. (A great way to find out the name of a plant is to take a photo with your smart phone. When the garden host is located, you can easily ask the name of that particular plant.) Please keep children under your watchful eye. Something else to consider: although your pet may behave perfectly well, the pets of the garden host/hostess may react to your pet and cause a disturbance, so maybe leave your pet at home. Finally, don't forget to express your gratitude to your fellow gardener who has shared their little piece of heaven with you.                                                                        Leonard Foltz

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